Bag-in-Box Wine Dispenser

The quickest way to serve and control Bag-in-Box wines.

This Bag-in-Box wine dispenser will complement your Azbar installation perfectly. Like all the other Azbar components, it assures that every glass poured is paid for.

By eliminating fraud and over pouring, and by keeping accurate electronic accounting, it will increase your operational profitability.

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Operating Instructions:

Select the desired size on the tower (4 choices). Press the button. The dispenser will automatically pour the exact quantity.

Exclusive Advantages:
  • Eliminates loss and waste.
  • Assures quality and rapid service.
  • Bartender identification key.
  • Identifies and assures separate control for each brand of wine.
  • Impossible to over pour or under pour, give free drinks to customers without the owner's knowledge, fraud or make mistakes.

  • Choose from 4 programmable sizes.
  • 2 varieties of wine per dispenser.

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