Go on vacation and
have the piece of mind that

is protecting you.

"With my Azbar system I know all of my bartenders are pouring accurately, and this system is so fast and easy to use that my bartenders don't need any experience to operate."
Rick Porado
Rick's Sports Bar & Grill
Export, PA
(724) 327-4148
5 Touch & Pour Cocktail Towers

"Best thing I've done at my Restaurant is to put the AZBAR SYSTEM. Now my wife and I can go on vacation and know we are not getting ripped OFF"
Pat & Lenny Verdetto
Verdetto's Restaurant
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 321-7266
1 Station with Beer heads

"My Touch & Pour Cocktail Tower increased my revenue by at least $5,000 a month and keeping my cost down to where it is suppose to."
Dave Bishop
Farrell's Bar & Grill
Groton, NY
(607) 898-9518
1 Touch & Pour Cocktail Tower and 1 Station with Beer heads

"I'm amazed !!! My revenue went up 20% and my cost decreased by at least 10%".
Richie, Owner
Mardi Gras Bar
Staten Island, NY
2 Azbar Liquor Stations

"Well worth the investment...it paid for itself in under 6 months." Dennis Motley, Owner
J & A Sports Bar
Orange, NJ
3 Azbar Liquor Stations

"One thing I don't think terribly much about is my bartenders stealing from me anymore."
Mr. Stillman, Owner
Life Night Club
New York, NY

11 Azbar Liquor Stations

"Finally, I can take a vacation with my family without worrying how much money I'm going to lose while I'm away."
Greg Crues, Owner
Fifth Street Bar
Chester, PA

3 Azbar Liquor Stations

"I can't imagine anybody opening a bar or night club without putting in the type of controls that Azbar offers."
Joe Cordosa, Owner
Club Cache
Elizabeth, NJ

8 Azbar Liquor Stations

"Since installing the Azbar system at my night club, I've been able to control my inventory and increase my profits tremendously."
Jose Herrerdia, Owner
New Tropical Night Club
Passaic, NJ

6 Azbar Liquor Stations

"I eliminated my employees from making their own profit sharing program."
John, Owner
City Lights Gentlemen's Club
Yonkers, New York

4 Azbar Liquor Stations

"The system is fast, completely reliable, and easy to operate."
Darrus, Treasurer
American Legion Post
Englewood, NJ

1 Azbar Liquor Station

"Azbar is saving us thousands of dollars per week alone, just by controlling the pour sizes."
Joe Erickson, Accountant
The Penthouse Executive Club
New York, NY

7 Azbar Liquor Stations and 3 Touch & Pour Cocktail Towers

"I was purchasing over $5,000 per week in liquor alone before my Azbar system. After it was installed I now spend less than $2,000 with the same crowd."
Edwin Gomez, Owner
Coco Bongo Nightclub
Elizabeth, New Jersey

7 Azbar Liquor Stations

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