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BackBar Technologies has minimized the investment risk by keeping the cost of owning a dealership low.

A BackBar Technologies dealership owner is strategically positioned to enjoy the benefits of a totally proven, successful turnkey business, that can be easily managed from home. It is this opportunity to realize a prompt return on investment that has been so satisfying to BackBar Technologies dealership owners.

Furthermore, and just as important, BackBar Technologies dealership owners offer the solution to a bar owner's two greatest problems; liquor, wine and beer shrinkage and inadequate auditing methods. The usual shortages in the bar and restaurant business are greater than 20 - 30%. And they rely on antiquated methods for taking inventory and measuring their losses. Can you believe that they more or less guess as to what they have on hand, convert that to what they used, divide the value by what they sold to determine a "Pour Cost"? By comparing their Pour Cost from week to week or month to month they believe this keeps them on target. This method is flawed because it ignores all the variables that can influence Pour Cost. Like price differences (Well Vodka costs less than Absolut), sales mix (they don't sell exactly the same items every week), promotions and complimentary (free drinks to good customers) and price fluctuations as costs of goods rises and falls. Alternatively, BackBar Technologies offers a myriad of equipment that is sophisticated, yet simple to use, to produce accurate reports showing what was used versus what was sold on a brand by brand basis. Each day we provide the owner with an accurate, detailed report that accounts for every single drop of liquor, wine and beer poured in the bar!

For this reason, bar and restaurant owners have turned to BackBar Technologies to implement precise inventory controls and secure and increase their profits.

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