Draft Beer Dispenser

Automatically eliminates considerable loss related to draft beer sales.

The AZBAR draft beer dispenser was created so that every drop of beer poured is measured and accounted for.

You will be amazed to see the immediate effect on your income from our draft beer dispenser.

According to the National Restaurant Association (U.S.), a bar losses an average of 23% of their revenues for each beer keg purchased. These losses are due to the following reasons:

  • Inadequate equipment.
  • Excessive portions.
  • Theft or generosity from employees towards customers.
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Operating Instructions:

Automatic mode
Simply select one of the four possible portions and the system will pour the exact quantity.

Manual mode (Flow meter only)
A flow meter keeps track of the quantities poured.

Exclusive Advantages:
  • Totally eliminates income loss and guarantees your revenue from all draft beer sales.
  • A Bartender identification key.
  • Assures a separate control for each brand of beer.
  • Impossible to over pour or under pour, give free beers to customers without the owner's knowledge, fraud or make mistakes.

  • Choose from 4 programmable sizes.

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