The most advanced pouring station for absolute control of all your drinks : liquor, beer, wine, and even juice and soft drinks.

Maximize your bar's profitability with the AZ-200 by controlling the quantities poured and the billing. The AZ-200 totally manages your operations and as a bonus, offers you a wide variety of unique advantages :

  • Eliminates fraud, errors, and over pouring.
  • Eliminates endless and tedious inventory taking.
  • Automatically totals each customer's bills accurately and in detail.
  • Increases customer satisfaction due to consistent and precise portions.
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Operating Instructions:

Select a cocktail on the keyboard. Simply pour and if the wrong bottle is picked up the pourer will not pour. To pour a single shot, simply insert the pourer into the ring and pour.

The AZ-200 will only pour the exact quantity chosen and will ring up automatically : the brand, the quantity, the price, and the bartender.

The AZ-200 directly controls every product sold in the bar. It is a cash register and management system which records and totals all transactions. The AZ-200 can also be used as an ordering station (for Wait Staff).

Exclusive Advantages:
  • Each drink served is recorded automatically.
  • Automatic Inventory update.
  • Impossible to over pour or under pour, give free drinks to customers without the owner's knowledge, dilute the bottle contents, fraud or make mistakes.
  • Easy reports on : employees, inventory, sales, profits, etc...
  • Take reports or make changes from home.(Hi-Speed internet required)
  • Saves time and money.

  • Is a programmable keyboard and a Point Of Sale system.
  • Identifies up to 255 different drinks.
  • Possible to have up to 16 different liquor brands per cocktail.
  • Up to 4 separate portions for liquor and wine.
  • User identification key. (Up to 255 users)
  • Replaces a cash register.
  • Operates in a unique Azbar network.
  • Control all your drinks : wine, beer, liquor, juice, and soft drinks.
  • Table Management.(Up to 255 tables)
  • Automatic price change (happy hour, special promotions, etc.).
  • Tracking of COMPS, VOIDS and SPILLAGE keys (Report includes users, items, etc...).

  • Connects to any IBM compatible computer.
  • Compatible with any Microsoft Operating system.
  • Interfaces with major POS systems.
  • Interfaces with AzPOS system

Optional Accessories:
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