Touch & Pour Cocktail Tower

The ultra fast device that pours perfect cocktails in less than 3 seconds, every time.

Simultaneously portions up to 16 different brands of liquor, juice and soft drinks included. Our cocktail tower is unrivalled in making your recipes and maximizing your bar service speed.

Your customers will be delighted to see that their favorite cocktails always have the same taste, no matter what time it is or who services them.

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"Cocktail Tower package special"


Operating Instructions:

Select the cocktail on the keyboard of the AZ-200. Place the glass under the cocktail tower and push on the trigger to dispense. The system will simultaneously pour the exact portions of each of the ingredients in that cocktail, including juices and soft drinks.

If a required liquor is not available on the tower, the system will allow you to complete the recipe by pouring manually with our programmed pourers.

If the wrong bottle is picked, it will not pour.

Exclusive Advantages:
  • Ultra fast service. Requires less personnel.
  • Automatic bartender identification.
  • Guarantees perfect cocktails with constant taste, no matter who serves the drink.
  • Standardizes and memorizes all your recipes.
  • Impossible to over pour or under pour, give free drinks to customers without the owner's knowledge, dilute bottle contents, fraud or make mistakes.

  • Allows up to 62 different brands (liquor, juice and softdrinks) per tower.
  • Possibility of simultaneously portioning up to 16 brands (which includes liquor, juice and softdrinks) per cocktail.

  • Must have the Az-200 controller to operate.
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