Specially designed to control cost for small businesses.

No matter what size your business may be, Azbar can always increase your profitability.

With its electronic pourers, the Junior allows control of up to 100 different liquor brands.

With its detailed reports, numerous accounting hours will be saved. The Junior will add peace of mind by eliminating fraud due to the fact that every drink poured is paid for.

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Operating Instructions: Simply insert the pourer into the ring and pour. The Junior will automatically identify the brand and will pour the exact quantity required. You can also control draft beers, wines, juices, and soft drinks.

Exclusive Advantages:
  • Each drink served is recorded automatically.
  • Automatic inventory update.
  • Impossible to over pour or under pour, give free drinks to customers without the owner's knowledge, dilute the bottle contents, fraud or make mistakes.
  • Easy reports on : employees, inventory, sales, profits, etc...
  • Take reports or make changes from home (hi-speed internet required).
  • Saves time and money.

  • Controls up to 100 different liquor brands.
  • Up to 4 programmable portion sizes.
  • Up to 4 users.
  • Can also control draft beer, wine, juice, and soft drinks.

  • Connects to any IBM compatible computer.
  • Compatible with any Microsoft Operating system.
  • Interfaces with major POS systems.
  • Interfaces with AzPOS system.

Optional Accessories:
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